[Wolves] Re: LUG Meeting & Summary - 20/11/2002 (Vinnie)

Si Griffiths wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Nov 22 13:18:01 2002

Hi all

In the first place just to say that it was great to meet 
everyone on wednesday evening - we had a good time & it looks 
like there's great potential for collaboration within a variety 
of different spheres. In short, despite the greater effort 
involved in travelling to Wolves, we're well chuffed that we 
made contact with you guys as opposed to south b'ham ;)

Secondly to concurr with Aq in applauding James's meeting 
summary - it's excellent - even more so considering that you 
didn't start taking notes till near the end! (btw - our lab will 
have an internet connection & as far as I'm aware the thin 
clients will be operating as x-terminals)

And finally just to confirm the invitation for Wolves LUG to 
come and visit us for the day/afternoon of sat 30th nov & see 
how much progress we've made with our lowtech media lab in the 
first five days & of course hopefully help us overcome any 
problems that have developed