[Wolves] redundant technlogy references required

steve parkes wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Nov 27 10:54:01 2002

sorry to those of you on both the wolves lug and the a2rt mailing lists who 
will recieve this twice.

I am looking for references on the number of machines disposed of by british 
business over the last few years.

a2rt suggest 3 million a year on the donations page, lowtech.org suggest 1 
million on home page and 2300 per day (~840,000 pa) in the faq.  Has anyone 
got access to any recent facts about this please.

Again long the line of stats can anyone point me in the direction of 
demographic data online showing a break down of computer ownership in the 
west midlands by social class, race, age, income, sex etc.

last thing are any of you aware of a report on the differences in TOC for 
linux and MS product using billy's new methods of payment?

cheers guys

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