[Wolves] Re: redundant technlogy references required

vincenzo wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Nov 27 16:19:00 2002

sparkes asked ...

> a2rt suggest 3 million a year on the donations page, lowtech.org sugges=
t 1=20
> million on home page and 2300 per day (~840,000 pa) in the faq. Has any=
> got access to any recent facts about this please.=20

with the 3 million we were going on what a friend who works in the=20
Sustainability department for B'ham City Council said - although in a rat=
slack manner I've taken his word for it & not checked any further - I do=20
however know that those sections of lowtech.org haven't been updated for =
two years - so I'm pretty certain that 1 million pa is now out of date

another figure that I've come across is that "Last year alone 24,000 tonn=
es of=20
computer equipment was disposed of in the UK" which is on the urban mines=


but again they don't say what their source is . . .

other than that I haven't come across any proper statistics (don't know a=
demographic breakdowns either) sorry I can't be any more help - let us kn=
if you find any reliable stats though

Si Vinnie