[Wolves] Domain registration and dynamic IPs vs hosting

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Oct 3 17:03:01 2002

Adam Sweet spoo'd forth:
I'm going to skip all the DNS stuff, because savvy and Ron and people
like that know a lot more about it than I do -- when I have DNS
problems I just handwave and get savvy to sort them out ;)

> 2) Have an FTP server to handle the uploading and
> downloading of pages, so I can download, edit and
> upload the pages from anywhere.


Use ssh, and ssh's sftp method. It's perfectly well supported under
Windows using PuTTY (go thou to Google). FTP is old hat and insecure.
Don't do it. Especially if you're talking about having some kind of
home box doing this. Fizzy would be in fits...

> Basically does anyone think that I can't at least host
> my own site this way? Is the other stuff possible? Are
> there better solutions? (I'm aiming at Aq, Ron and
> anyone else here who have their own sites and email
> systems.)

You could pay me a little bit of money and I can host everything for
you on angel...


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