[Wolves] Domain registration and dynamic IPs vs hosting

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Oct 3 23:20:00 2002

> I'm going to skip all the DNS stuff, because savvy
> and Ron and people
> like that know a lot more about it than I do -- when
> I have DNS
> problems I just handwave and get savvy to sort them
> out ;)

DNS was a mere example of something I know nothing
about that I might (or might not) need, insert here
any other networking services I know nothing about (I
knew nothing about NAT until I installed Smoothwall).

> But:
> > 2) Have an FTP server to handle the uploading and
> > downloading of pages, so I can download, edit and
> > upload the pages from anywhere.
> No.
> Use ssh, and ssh's sftp method. It's perfectly well
> supported under
> Windows using PuTTY (go thou to Google). FTP is old
> hat and insecure.
> Don't do it. Especially if you're talking about
> having some kind of
> home box doing this. Fizzy would be in fits...

That's one of my upcoming questions already answered -
security. Will look into that one.

> > Basically does anyone think that I can't at least
> host
> > my own site this way? Is the other stuff possible?
> Are
> > there better solutions? (I'm aiming at Aq, Ron and
> > anyone else here who have their own sites and
> email
> > systems.)
> You could pay me a little bit of money and I can
> host everything for
> you on angel...

We will discuss the merits in person ;) I only need to
be able to ftp in from anywhere.
To be honest though, money is tight and bandwidth (to
answer Dan) is (relatively) unimportant short-term,
there is only really going to be my own ftp, mail and
ssh etc traffic (intermittant at best) and maybe a few
(<5), if any, people on my site.
I forgot to mention that in future I would like to add
a mailing list and archive, and even an irc server
(for uni group software devel project coordination - I
am keen to sell the OSS development model to the
future MS slaves :p). Yes I know it would probably be
easier to just create a channel on an existing server
but the point is personal control over it all.

The reasons for all of this are:
1) Personal project
2) Learning experience
3) Foundations for a far distant business plan (hence
bandwidth not being an immediate concern)

Those are the reasons for doing it all on my own
Anyway, thanks Jon, Aq and Dan,



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