[Wolves] ip forwarding, Smoothwall

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Oct 11 18:18:01 2002

Wayne Morris spoo'd forth:
> Hi,
> Any ideas pls.
> I'm trying to run a webserver from home on Blueyonder.

Far be it from me to stifle innovation, but I ought to note that this
is against the AUP ;-)

> Using uk2.net (where my domains are usually hosted), to forward to my fairly 
> static IP address.
> 1) If I connect webserver direct to net, everything works fine when using IP 
> address.
> 2) If I try to use web-forward, it works but subdirectories unbrowsable ie 
> web forward only seems to acknowledge top level directory.
> 3) Ditto when my php/mysql server inserts the http;//www.domain.co.uk into 
> paths for images , these result in the correct url for the image but cannot 
> be seen. If I use the ip address in the script for pages all works ok.
> I guess 2 and 3 are the web forward problem, any better ones out there, it is 
> also  much slower with forwarding.  

Sounds like the UK2 DNS servers are slow for lookups...?
> 4) With smoothwall in the path, everthing slows to an absolute crawl, but 
> basically the same results as above.

Really? I find that surprising...works perfectly for me...
There have to be people like me, so people like you can look so clever.
           -- Max Jaeger, Fatherland