[Wolves] ip forwarding, Smoothwall

Wayne Morris wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Oct 11 15:12:01 2002


Any ideas pls.

I'm trying to run a webserver from home on Blueyonder.

Using uk2.net (where my domains are usually hosted), to forward to my fairly 
static IP address.

1) If I connect webserver direct to net, everything works fine when using IP 
2) If I try to use web-forward, it works but subdirectories unbrowsable ie 
web forward only seems to acknowledge top level directory.
3) Ditto when my php/mysql server inserts the http;//www.domain.co.uk into 
paths for images , these result in the correct url for the image but cannot 
be seen. If I use the ip address in the script for pages all works ok.

I guess 2 and 3 are the web forward problem, any better ones out there, it is 
also  much slower with forwarding.  

4) With smoothwall in the path, everthing slows to an absolute crawl, but 
basically the same results as above.