[Wolves] Hi.

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Oct 26 19:54:01 2002

Simon Howes spoo'd forth:
> 1) Because M$ say they invented the GUI. (my gosh!!)  RISCOS was in a 16bit
> GUI when x86 Windows was stuck in 8bit command prompt.  Umm.
> Element14 have a lot of backing towards this from many companies such as
> Apple, SUN, Cray, IBM etc.  Apple actually worked with Acorn with their GUI
> by inventing the mouse.  Which M$ claim is their invention and Apple are
> currently halfway through a court case trying to prove M$ right, but guess
> what, the Judge is an ex-M$ fanboy.

Hm. The WIMP environment was, if we're going to be technical, invented
at Xerox PARC. Nonetheless, I was happily using RISC OS 2 well before
there was a significant Windows on the scene. And Arthur before that ;)

SYS "Wimp_Poll". Woo! I remember that :)


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