[Wolves] Hi

Chris Ball wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Oct 27 01:07:01 2002

hey :)

just joined the list, i'm an 18 y/o Student studying a BTEC IT course at 
walsall college :)
i've used linux on and off for a couple of years now.. currently using 
Mandrake 9

just a quick question....
as i have my webpage hosted on uklinux.net, i get emails sent to different 
addresses on the same account so basically... is there a way of sending the 
emails that were directed to anything @puremorning.co.uk to my box on our 
lan, and the rest to another box?

any info would be a great help.. even if it's just a link to look at.

there's nothing i like more than to spend my sunday mornings running round 
tesco's with a loaded shotgun.......

chris ball
freelance slacker

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