[Wolves] NT Dead?

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Apr 2 02:11:00 2003

--- s parkes <stephenparkes1972@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >In the non-IT world we refer to Simon Howes as a
> complete cock ;)
> >
> How do they refer to you 'in the IT world' Simon?
> ;-)

Now now chaps...lets keep this a nice list and keep
abuse well off it. If you intend on issuing abuse at
least CC me as well. ;)

> shall we start a swear box for lug meetings with a
> published list of banned 
> terms (such as 'in the IT world') and add new ones
> randomly for comic effect 
> whenever they are used on the list?

I thought IT stood for Itinerate Turkeys. Maybe I have
got confused. I think a swear box is a great idea and
we should begin by adding every bad joke Aq has told
to it. :)

> This could be used to purchase munchies and
> refreshments for us poor 
> unfortunates that either don't work or who work in
> the public sector, oh ok 
> for all of us then.

Great idea - I like the idea that the free cheesecake
lining my well oiled gut is being payed for by the
usage of commonly frustrating terms such as: Perl,
GNOME, Emacs. ;)

> I would like to add M$ as opposed to MS or Microsoft
> cause it's too dam leet 
> for me ;-)

Did you hack our site? Ph33r 'dA sp/\Ark3s l33tn3ss.


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