[Wolves] mandrake 9.1 upgrade

Steve wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Apr 14 11:57:01 2003

like ron i've recently tried mandy 9.1 . i upgraded my latitiude c500 laptop from 9.0. It took about 1 1/2 hour to update/install, which is odd.

Things that are good

1>Nice + clear installer

2>Improved config tools

3>Some new included packages, like the excellent flphoto , a lovely little photomanager, with a fast and easy thumbnail/web export function. http://www.easysw.com/
~mike/flphoto/ + loads of video encoding tools, mplayer and so on.

Things that are not so good

1) ACPI doesn't seem to work. Apparently the kernal gets a broken bios message, and then appends lilo 'acpi=off' . I was hoping a good implimentation of this would help 
with the battery life...but hey ho. Ron had issues with this too..anyone else? How is it sposed to work?

2) Some parts of KDE didn't upgrade properly i think , konqueror has no tabbed interface, fonts are a mixture of poorly rendered/blurry anti aliased for certain applications 
like Bluefish/Galeon whilst Kmail, and the system menu are not anti aliased. Consistant its not.then again a fresh install probably wouldn't have this problem..

3) Things like the Menu editor have entries that the actal menu doesn't have, so configuring the menu is hard to do.

But its still early days. So well done to the developers. 

<Moan alert> Sometimes tho, i think that the focus appears to be moving more towards trying to get anti aliased fonts to work, and to create vaguely pretty themes, 
essentially replicating the visual look of XP and OS X, rather than ensuring stuff like ACPI/upgrading/ actually works - and works well. This worries me, i understand the 
arguments for making something user friendly, but that has to be carried across to how it *functions* as well as how it *looks*