[Wolves] Killing the Zaurus

Old Dan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Apr 17 14:42:01 2003

My Zaurus is dead again.

I'm making funeral arrangements as I type this.  :)

This time, I installed the Openzaurus graphical login thingie, rebooted, 
logged in and out out of Opie(with a game of 'Go' in between :) ) and 
selected 'Quit' on the graphical login, expecting to be given a textmode 
login message.  I was.

However, upon typing 'root' I found that nothing happened.  Nothing 
happened with any key on the keyboard except the 'J' key which scrolled 
a line down.  To save battery (and out of desperation) I switched the 
thing off.  Now it won't switch on again.

Looks like it's 
-trick time again.

::sigh::  :)

Who's resurrected his Zaurus so often that he's starting to feel like 
Frankenstein with lightning rods and tesla coils and shit.