[Wolves] Stunning Meet

Steve Crozier wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Apr 17 21:38:00 2003

On Thursday 17 Apr 2003 7:37 pm, Jayne Heger wrote:

> Yeah, I miss the Toreador loads.

i don't think i went there much (was that oppposite what used to be the 
bullring? I used to occasionally pop to Edwards, man that would be cool to go 
there, its been a LONG time! I almost got battered there one time, me and my 
friend were quite ripped on various conciousness enhacing substances,  and 
decided it would be great fun to try and frazzle the minds of the hardest 
looking people in the place by talking complete nonsense. There was lots of 
pointing at shoes whilst shouting 'you have an ants nest on your foot!' 
You had to be there i think :-)

Sounds like meetup was a proper laugh! you buggers! must go to the next one...