[Wolves] A2RT Networked Computers

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Apr 19 18:09:01 2003

Steve Crozier spoo'd forth:
>> 2) XFC I belive is one of the preconfigured windows managers
> cool, but i swear the improvments in version 4 are vast, theres no binaries 
> yet so i havn't installed here, as i don't know about CVS and so on, but 
> smurf, one of the freegeek volunteer ubergeeks who loves debian to bits 
> reckoned it rocked :-)

ROX, I tell you :)
It's quite a lot nicer than XFCE, and more configurable, and you can write 
panel applets in Python too :)

Debs at:
deb http://www.hrw.one.pl/ apt/sid/


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