[Wolves] A2RT Linux!!!

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Apr 22 13:13:01 2003

--- Aquarius <aquarius-lists@kryogenix.org> wrote:
> Rob Smith spoo'd forth:
> > If anyone has any info on how to run a specific
> windows manager given that 
> > several are installed and you dont want to run the
> default 1?
> To customise window managers on a per-user basis,
> put "exec <windowmgr>" in 
> ~user/.xsession.
> To change the default, then you need to use the
> alternatives system; 
> /etc/alternatives/x-window-manager points to the
> default, and you can use 
> update-alternatives(8) to change this.

Great news rob!! This may be an amibitious idea, but
is there a way this system could be put into some kind
of version control system so all of us can develop
from the same base. There must be a way around putting
the binaries in the system - maybe just putting the
changes in somehow.

It would be good to collaboratively develop the


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