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fizz you are correct I meant aswell as being charged under interception of
communications act, 1985.

Chris yes your on the right lines google is your friend.


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> You can be changed with theft of electicity for
> starters.
> It is an offence for any person who dishonestly uses
> electricity without
> authority,
> or dishonestly causes it to be wasted or diverted is
> guilty of this offence.
> *This is an Arrestable Offence
> Max. Sentence Magistrates Court: 6 Months. 5000
> Max. Sentence Crown Court: 5 Years. Unlimited Fine
> Interception of Communications Act 1985

Theft of electricity is covered by section 13 of the
Theft Act, 1968, not afaik the interception of
communications act, 1985.


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