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I've always had a lot of respect for people who devise blue boxing
techniques of subverting the signalling sytems to explore the phone system
(Captin Crunch and his whistle being the most famous example) and I can well
understand the thrill of investigating how the largest (and most
complicated) network on the planet actually works (actually most telecoms
people I have met would admit a sneaky respect for phreakers who find these
techniques, which isn't to say they wouldn't cheer when they are caught and
sent down). But beige boxing seems to be simply getting someone else to pay
for your phone call by attaching your phone to their wires, neither clever
nor informative, just a script kiddie thing.

Or would Mr Thomas like to correct me?


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Just did a quick google and found this:


It looks like a way of intercepting calls.

how l33t.


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I'd never heard of beige boxing untill this thread (and me an ex-BT man
and all :-( security wasn't my department I hasten to add). Are the
calls you make free, or are you just getting it charge to someone elses


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