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Wed Aug 6 01:45:01 2003


Late response from me as I have been headbanging at
Wacken in Germany. :)

I agree with Vinnie here. alex seems a nice lad and I
don't consider him any major threat to security - he
has just done something stupid and no doubt regrets
doing it. I reckon most people have taken at least a
passing interest in the whole phreaking thing - I
certainly did, but I lacked the balls to have a go and
knew that I would most certainly get caught. I think
Alex's parents did the right thing and I am sure Alex
knows that any kind of promotion of breaching security
systems illigally is officially not condoned at the
LUG, although there may be the odd presentation here
and there about techniques to educate the LUG about
security riskss. ;)

The case in point here is that bragging about
commiting a crime is simply not acceptable on this
list - if anyone, and I mean anyone does it, they will
be warned and possibly removed - I don't promote crime
in any way and I don't want it on this list. If you
crack illigally, tell me at LUGs and not on this list.

Welcome back Alex and come to the LUG meets to tell us
more about this. :)

  Jono "CptMassiveBunch" Bacon

--- Si Griffiths <info@a2rt.org> wrote:
> > In difference, it seems, to pretty much everyone
> else here, I'm not
> > going to be a hypocrite and I'm just going to
> suffice by saying...
> >
> > Welcome back, Goththing.
> I'm with Dan on this one. I remember Goththing
> coming to his first lug meeting 
> (where he actually got in the pub) on the same night
> that me & steve came to 
> our meeting - and he seemed to me to be a sound lad
> (no matter what his 
> misdemeanors) - so yeah alex a big warm welcome back
> from the brummie crew :D
> In addition to this all the talk that's been goin on
> today about morality and 
> the law is completely misplaced - the law is there
> to maintain the status quo 
> - in short to keep the rich & powerful (these days
> those in the corporate 
> world) where they are ie rich & powerful. Morality &
> the law have nothing 
> whatsoever to do with each other. The idea that the
> two are connected is a 
> mendacious lie put about by those in power. If you
> believe this propaganda 
> well . . .
> On top of this it might be worth pointing out that
> the public lose more money 
> to corporate tax evasion (something like a third,
> yes a third, of all 
> corporate tax goes unpaid - which is obviously
> billions, that in a saner 
> world could be put into stuff like say schools,
> hospitals, maybe even a 
> transport infrastructure), so to moan about how
> 'script kiddies' are doing 
> you out of your hard earned dollar, is again
> somewhat missing the point . . . 
> *end rant*
> Vinnie
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