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Sat Aug 9 14:10:01 2003

On Tue, 5 Aug 2003, Chris Owen wrote:

> Just plain ordinary theft then?  The victim either being a corporation,
> in which case we all pay through our bills or insurance premiums, or
> some poor bill payer like you or me.
> Chris

Sorry about this post - just had to:

Chris - do you know how much it costs the phone company to
make a call?


Phone networks are such that if a "line" isn't being used,
no other voice traffic can cross it - it's not like stealing
bandwidth since there is no collective pipe.

The "victim", if there was one would be the person in the
call centre, working for three pounds sixty an hour (for the
corporation) who has to put up with the lady of the house
screaming and wailing down the phone at them as if she had
been raped, flogged and dragged naked through the streets of
London that "I didn't make those calls, I'm a good

Do you really think of yourself as a "poor bill payer"? What
a sad existence.

I suppose the phone corporation would call you a "consumer"?


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