[Wolves] Non programmer needs some directions

Steve Crozier wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Aug 9 15:43:00 2003

On Friday 08 Aug 2003 10:11 pm, Phillip Booth wrote:

> I hope some one can transalate this for me.

open up  a shell window.

> [Install EZ Drive step by step]
> In Linux OS, you can follow the following instruction
> to =A1=A7mount=A1=A8 the device
> 1. Execute cd /etc/sysconfig/ ( cat
> /etc/sysconfig/hwconf | more )

you may need to be root. type in 'su' then return. you will be prompted for=

type cat /etc/sysconfig/hwconfig | more

read what it says

> 2. Check the device information in hwconf, write down
> the mount point.

not sure why the mount point turns up here, you can normally choose=20
yourself.basically look for messages that say usb device blah blah . If it=
recognised then:

> 3. Make a directory in /mnt (ex: mkdir /mnt/usbHD )

type in mkdir /mnt/usbHD

> 4. Then, execute mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbHD (if mount
> point was .dev/sda)

when you want to use device type in mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbHD

if it says nothing to mount under this try mount /dev/sda /mnt/usbHD

if it still doesn't work type dmesg and read what it says.

if you want to use device without having to type all that mount stuff, open=
the file called fstab. it lives in the directory called etc

add the stuff about where the device is registered (dev/sda1) and where you=
want to mount it (/mnt/usbHD) You may need to add some other stuff like fil=
sytem and who can access it. do a google

> [Unplug EZ Drive]
> In Linux OS, please follow the "umount" command
> procedure to un-mount the device.

if you want to unplug it type umount /mnt/usbHD

you should be pleased you know.  you don't normally get any instructions fo=
linux from most companies :-)

when you work it post it up on a forum somewhere so other people can learn=
from you innit?