[Wolves] Non programmer needs some directions

Lee Jordan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Aug 9 18:00:01 2003

Hey Phill,

Shamefully I'm in Windows at the moment, well it booted before I had chance 
to push the button on Lilo .........

You probaly need to make sure that USB works fine on your linux system and 
that your USB pen is compatible, search on google for compatibility lists, 
it should be ok if you are using an uptodate SuSE.

I'd assume that the file "hwconf" has some sort of information that tells 
you how to get to your USB device.  if you want to read the file you'll have 
to load it into a text editor, like vi or jed. type in "cat 
/etc/sysconfig/hwconf" to a prompt and you should see the file displayed, 
cat is an easy way of looking at a small file, if it goes of the screen type 
"cat /etc/sysconfig/hwconf | more" instead (without the quotes.

Each drive in Linux has a mount point which is basically just a directory in 
a special folder called /mnt, you would need to edit a file called fstab (vi 
/etc/fstab/) and tell linux where to look for your USB pen in this case you 
would have to point it to /mnt/usbHD. But also devices in linux have a place 
in the /dev folder, a hard drive would be in /dev/hda1 my USB zip drive is 
on /dev/sda4 fstab links the /dev/hd* or fd* or sd* files to the file system 
in /mnt. In theroy you would then go to /mnt/usbHD to get your files once 
everything is linked up.

If you want to test things out first here's what I would do assuming that 
the usbHD is in at /dev/sda4:

cd /mnt/
mkdir usbHD

mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/usbHD

"mount --help" may offer you some options or you could always try tying in 
"man mount", but I would sugesst a search on google for your pen + linux 
that way you'll get down to speficics. That's the basics of getting a 
filesystem linked up, I'm not sure if SusE has some way of auto dectecting 
this, maybe through a configuration program called Yast? anyone else know?

Something you may want to look into is hotplugging, (that's what happens in 
windows) allowing you do remove and plug in a usb device, I tried to get my 
Mp3 Player hooked up and it wouldn't go, so don't take my word that all this 
will work.

Lee Jordan
Interactive Multimedia Communications

>From: Phillip Booth <philluk@yahoo.com>
>Reply-To: wolves@mailman.lug.org.uk
>To: wolves@mailman.lug.org.uk
>Subject: [Wolves] Non programmer needs some directions
>Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 22:11:57 +0100 (BST)
>Hi, I got a USB pen works fine under window but not
>under Linux SuSE.
>To get it working I need to do this but I havt a clue
>when it comes to Linux and code.
>I hope some one can transalate this for me.
>Much thanks. P:-)
>[System Requirement]
>1. kernel versions 2.2.7 and later contain the USB
>[Install EZ Drive step by step]
>In Linux OS, you can follow the following instruction
>to ¡§mount¡¨ the device
>1. Execute cd /etc/sysconfig/ ( cat
>/etc/sysconfig/hwconf | more )
>2. Check the device information in hwconf, write down
>the mount point.
>3. Make a directory in /mnt (ex: mkdir /mnt/usbHD )
>4. Then, execute mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbHD (if mount
>point was .dev/sda)
>[Unplug EZ Drive]
>In Linux OS, please follow the "umount" command
>procedure to un-mount the device.
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