[Wolves] Shame on you!!

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Aug 10 00:15:00 2003

Jono Bacon spoo'd forth:
> should be taken too seriously on this list. I just
> wish we could have one meeting where literally
> everyone came along to it who is on the list - I would
> love to meet some of the people on here that only
> contribute to the mailing list discussions. Maybe this
> could be arranged?

That would be fabulous. On another note (which I shall then seamlessly
tie back to the main subject) I have converted the bloke I was on
holiday with to Linux, and he is a novice computer user. I did this by
describing the horrific dystopia that MS and the "content creation"
industries are attempting to create through things like DRM, where
using your operating system of choice to access services of your choice
will essentially be legislated out of existence, thus providing our
favourite Redmond company with a government-mandated monopoly. I've got
a longer rant on this topic prepared in my head somewhere, to the point
where I might actually do it as a talk. Attendance by Rachael, as our
one balancing point, is mandatory; debates are more fun, as we've seen
on the list recently, when not everyone agrees with you.
Anyway (this is the deft segue back to topic) I suggested that, if he
ran into problems once he had his new shiny computer, that he contact
his local (Edinburgh) LUG, and added a caveat about some LUGs (who
shall remain nameless) being composed of the sellotape-on-spectacles
brigade, unlike our own glorious set of anarcho-lunatics. I extolled
our virtues to the highest of high thrones, pointing out that
attendance of twenty is not all that unusual, but would be an
unimaginably high figure for some LUGs, and then mused on how good it
would be if everyone who read the list came along. So, how about it,
all you lurkers and non-attendees? I tell you what, if we get five
people who read the list and who haven't attended a meet before to
come, I'll buy all five of you a drink[1], *and* we'll get Peter
Oliver to say he's coming on the list rather than just turn up like
a shadow in the night. Sound fair?


[1] You have to be *real* new people. This does not include attending
but pretending to be your own twin brother, or turning up in a false
moustache and glasses. The judge's decision is final and irrevocable. I
know you lot.

"The grand plan that is Aquarius proceeds apace"
	   -- Frank Miller, "Ronin"