[Wolves] Shame on you!!

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Aug 10 00:07:01 2003

Steve spoo'd forth:
> means that things remain reasonably civil, well until aq and sparkes
> get started!

Ha haaa! You were lucky I was away. At least I might have been able to
gag bambam or something, although that would have just been for my own
deviant purposes and not to suppress any free speech ;)

On a completely different subject, when are we going to the Expo in
London? And have we set dates or done any organisation for this yet?
For those of you who might have missed some or all of this, we were
talking about going mob-handed to the Linux Expo, hiring some hotel
rooms (in some shockingly cheap flophouse, not the Tower Thistle), and
staying for a few days. Certainly some people, your humble narrator
included, were interested, although currently I'm not sure where it is
and am therefore preceding all bookings for anything between Sept 1 and
Dec 25 with "as long as that's not when we're at the Expo". How far did
we get with the planning?


In fact, I've never seen an argument about which I cared less. I'm
completely case insensitivity insensitive.
	   -- William Tanksley, 23 May 2000