Linux Expo trip (was: Re: [Wolves] Shame on you!!)

Jono Bacon wolves at
Sun Aug 10 00:25:00 2003

Hi Aq,

Good to have you back. Hope you enjoyed blowing froth
and looking at stone.

> On a completely different subject, when are we going
> to the Expo in
> London? And have we set dates or done any
> organisation for this yet?
> For those of you who might have missed some or all
> of this, we were
> talking about going mob-handed to the Linux Expo,
> hiring some hotel
> rooms (in some shockingly cheap flophouse, not the
> Tower Thistle), and
> staying for a few days. Certainly some people, your
> humble narrator
> included, were interested, although currently I'm
> not sure where it is
> and am therefore preceding all bookings for anything
> between Sept 1 and
> Dec 25 with "as long as that's not when we're at the
> Expo". How far did
> we get with the planning?

Right let us get this shit sorted. The Expo is on the
8th and 9th Oct which is a Wed and Thurs. I suggest we
get an early train from Wolves to head down there,
stay in the Hotel Paradiso for a night and come back
the following evening after the second day. This means
only one night in London and both days at the expo.

I am happy to sort some of this out. I do need to know
who wants to come though, and I will need to collect
the cash for it at the next LUG meet. This should just
be cash for the hotel which I will book. You should be
fine getting the train tickets on the day, although we
can prebook these also if needed. One other thing is
that we will need to share a room with someone so be
prepared to share, unless of course you want to pay
extra for your own room.

I will start a new list to get these names - add
yourself - the more the merrier. :)


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