[Wolves] stone circles

Steve Crozier wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Aug 10 13:38:00 2003

On Sunday 10 Aug 2003 12:05 am, Aquarius wrote:

> Sorry I couldn't make it; completely forgot to mention this. But I was
> looking at Neolithic stone circles in Wiltshire. And blowing the froth
> off a beer or two. :)

cool. what circles did you visit? I have the brill book 'The modern 
antiquarian' by mr cope if you want to borrow it? It has loads of goodpics, 
reviews and maps to most sites of interest in uk. recently went to the 
rollright stones, where some artist put a big shiney metal blob thingy in the 
middle of the circle, looked pretty cool: