[Wolves] Need some help!

Steve Crozier wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Aug 10 19:26:00 2003

On Sunday 10 Aug 2003 7:01 pm, Helen Randle wrote:

> The bit I did understand was where it said to contact my local LUG,
> which I obviously have done! :-)


> I need some advice on what Linux to go for. I'm kind of drawn towards
> the off the shelf in a box type, as they seem easiest to work with (I'm
> not a computer novice, but I don't get all the kernel and stuff!)

most people here use debian. I don't tho :-) probably will at some point as it 
has many cool features and is probably the most pure version of linux 

we use Mandrake. It is very easy to install and to use, whilst having all the 
ace stuff which makes linux brilliant, like tonnes of free software, command 
line. It is good at detecting hardware so you probably won't have to worry 
when adding printers and scanners. 

What you might want to do is to go to the linux emporium 
http://www.linuxemporium.co.uk/ and get a selction of cds.

I know jayne (who posts here) uses SUSE, and there is possibly a redhat user 
or two. 

The other thing to do would be to download or buy Knoppix. It runs from cd, 
and is great. It would be ideal to use to see what linux is like without 

questions about what flavour of linux to use are of the religious nature so be 
prepared for many contradictory opinions :-)

> there are quite a few to choose from. I know what I need my computer
> to do, but that seems more relevant to applications than OS (Ok, so I'll
> probably need help with that too!)

what do you want it to do?