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Jon Farmer wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Aug 11 13:03:00 2003

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> If you think they're criminals then you think I'm a criminal.

Err No! A criminal is someone who has commited a crime. AFAIK you haven't

> If I were in their position, then I'd have done *exactly* the same thing.

Your choice and I defend your right to make a free choice.

> The way I see this case is simple:  If you condemn them then you condone
> genocide.  You also condemn the likes of the suffragettes in this
> country and the civil rights movement in the US who broke many laws in
> their fight for liberation.

That is a simple way of viewing it, and incidently  you assume incorrectly a

What? I said 2 wrongs dont make a right. That means I think genocide is
a crime!!!

> Personally I think it's absurd that anyone would even countenance
> backing BAe in a case like this - the jury certainly didn't.  The
> government of Indonesia is guilty of systematic, documented crimes
> against humanity, BAe is guilty of supplying them with the tools to
> carry out those crimes, and the Government is guilty of idling by and
> letting all this happen, when legal measures could easily be taken to
> stop it.  Should have known really, there's no significant oil reserve
> in Indonesia.

Who said I backed BAe? When did I say they were innocent?

> As to the point of 'they should have gone through the courts...' that
> could take years, by which time the planes would have been used in the
> murder of civilians.  (BTW they called for exactly that action to be
> taken after they were acquitted)

No justice system is perfect but I would rather do things democratically