[Wolves] Blaster

Chris Owen wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Aug 14 10:28:01 2003

We spent three hours getting this little bugger off our home machine
yesterday.  And yes, we do have up to date virus protect software
running - but it still got through.  Think it got in via the website of
a well known Wolverhampton based local newspaper, naming no names.  We
do need to get our ISP set up in Linux ASAP...


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Subject: [Wolves] Blaster

why am I posting about a W32 worm here ............

Look out for a new worm that gets in via port 135 and is due to DDos the
Windows Update site on Saturday via port 4444 on an infected machine.
Symantic have a clean up tool, just in case you get it at work or
The worm should block some DCOM communications OLE, freeze out network
settings and mess with the control panel.

Great quote from Channel 4 News : "If you want to avoid this you could
always use an Apple or Unix", hmmmm maybe he should have said Linux,
it made the national news :)


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