[Wolves] Need some help!

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Thu Aug 14 22:04:10 2003

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> As I said, the alternative is to just buy another disk
> which is infinitely easier. Read the docs on it to see
> how you feel about resizing or repartitioning.
partitioning looks a bit too complicated for me, and I was considering a 
second harddrive anyway!
> Either way, all Linux distributions install a boot
> loader which will allow Linux to boot, if you have
> Windows on your machine, it will detect this and offer
> you a menu to choose which you want to boot into. You
> can change the default boot option in both the
> installation routine and also within Mandrake itself.
So I can choose each time I boot? Do I have to re-boot if I want to swap 
between the 2?
> It's highly likely that your geneology software won't
> have a Linux version, but there probably are a few
> Linux ones, though how they rate is anyones guess
> (maybe you could suggest features to the developers?)
I thought that was likely. It's a bit specialised.

> You might be able to try installing them using WINE
> (which is a version of the Windows API for Linux)
> though I've never had any success (got an installer to
> display a splash screen once ;)
I've heard about WINE, and that it's not that good.
> Knoppix is avaiable from http://www.knoppix.org/
> though again you should be able to get it from one of
> the CD vendors, or someone on the list in exchange for
> a blank CD-R at a meeting if you ask in advance. I can
> do you one but I can't say when I'll be able to make a
> meeting again for the moment, unless you were able to
> meet me at Wolves train station on my way home from
> work. I have to say, Knoppix really is good and a lot
> of people here agree. I would go as far as to say I
> preferred it to Mandrake by far, but it's designed to
> run from CD only (unless you run the commands to make
> it do otherwise).
So Knoppix would be a good way to try Linux without installing?
> A final option is to scour magazine covermount CDs. PC
> Plus, Personal Computer World and of course Linux
> Format and Linux User all offer Linux distros on their
> disks (if you're going to get a Linux mag Linux Format
> is definitely the best, not least because Jono writes
> for them ;) - that'll be a fiver please Mr Bacon ;)
I'll look out next time I'm in town.
> Anyway, I've done my usual trick of waffling at the
> new people, I've probably confused you more than I
> have helped. 
Don't worry about waffling. I do it all the time. You just start typing 
about a subject, and before you know it ...... ! :-)

> You'll need luck less often than in Windows ;)
Oh good!