[Wolves] Debian and Antialiasing

Matt Wright wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 15 00:44:01 2003

Hi guys,

Now I've got my laptop working and running I'm proud to announce that
nearly all off the components work in linux with persuasion. Including
my Radeon IGP, Conexant 'Winmodem' and my Bluetooth adapter and Nokia

One thing that's been bugging me that isn't at all hardware related. I'm
using XFree86 4.3.0 I think (running stable but with extra apt sources)
as it supports my Radeon. I've been trying to get Antialiasing working.
It works in KDE3 but that only AA's KDE dialogs etc and most of the
fonts won't AA. I've seen pictures of AA working globally in X (with
Mozilla and xterm/Konsole's being AA'ed). I've followed loads of
different howto's about freetype, XFT2, RENDER extensions, xfs-xtt, etc
and none seem to produced a decent AA'ed interface.

I've been using Winbloze a lot recently because of various
app-compatability problems and I'm getting quite attached to the AA'ed
"ClearType" rendering and I want to know if I can get anywhere near it
in X??