[Wolves] Need some help!

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 15 16:56:01 2003

Hi Adam,

> Sorry to waste a post on just agreeing with someone
> who has already agreed with me, but it really is
> that
> good. The hardware detection is incredible, you just
> put the disk in, boot and it all works, no config
> required.

Well here goes another post. Yes...yes...yes...it is
*that* good...go get it and install it. Knoppix rocks
big time. :)

> While we're on the subject, did I ever lend anyone
> my
> coveted issue 1 of Linux Format? I can't find it
> anywhere and I'm gutted. It has the 'Join the
> Revolution' front page with Tux wearing a Che
> Guevara
> style Cuban communist beret on. Hmm doubt they'd do
> that now with all SCO's claims ;) If not I'll have
> to
> ask around elsewhere. There's an article I need
> (thereby proving above point), but *it's issue 1*
> man.

I am afraid I don't have it. I do however have the
pilot issue originally called Linux Answers. I
remember when it came out as I was just starting
University. It was exciting at the time as it was the
first UK Linux magazine. It was cool reading about
Linux in print. :)

I would'nt mind issue one of Linux Format though. I am
going to find out who has your copy and steal it. :)


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