[Wolves] Need some help!

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Aug 18 14:14:00 2003

Helen Randle spoo'd forth:
> Ok, rather than reply to all the pro-Knoppix posts, I'll just say a general 
> thanks. It seems a general consensus that it's the best thing since sliced 
> bread, and a great way to try Linux easily. So I'm getting a copy!

Actually, a thing I have recently discovered is Morphix. It's based on
Knoppix (so it still has all the magic hardware detection and stuff)
but is more modular, has a "light gui" version that doesn't require
forty gigs of RAM or whatever KDE needs (and is only a 190MB download),
and, most importantly, has an "Install this" button on the desktop to
install to the drive! And, like Knoppix, it's Debian-based, so thsi
could be the New Easy Way to install Debian; just run Morphix to detect
all your hardware, install Morphix, then apt-get update; apt-get
upgrade to make it Debian. Wow.

I shall install on my laptop and report back...


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