[Wolves] Need some help!

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Aug 18 14:58:01 2003

> Actually, a thing I have recently discovered is
> Morphix. It's based on
> Knoppix (so it still has all the magic hardware
> detection and stuff)
> but is more modular, has a "light gui" version that
> doesn't require
> forty gigs of RAM or whatever KDE needs (and is only
> a 190MB download),
> and, most importantly, has an "Install this" button
> on the desktop to
> install to the drive! And, like Knoppix, it's
> Debian-based, so thsi
> could be the New Easy Way to install Debian; just
> run Morphix to detect
> all your hardware, install Morphix, then apt-get
> update; apt-get
> upgrade to make it Debian. Wow.
> I shall install on my laptop and report back...

Please do. This might be a way round the 'Can't run
Linux in graphical mode cos my card is only in the
latest X and standard VGA ain't havin' it' problem I'm
having. No Mandrake, no Debian, just Knoppix at the mo
for me.

Might be an advisory for all those people struggling
with Red Hat and 64MB RAM out there.




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