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Thu Aug 21 09:58:01 2003


Good work Fizz - let me know when you have it and are
online. Incidentally, I wrote a short HOWTO about
getting Smoothwall to work with SOCOM: Navy Seals at

> As did I. Sorry I had to get going early, although I
> did make it from
> the Moon Under Water to my parents house near
> Cambridge in 90 minutes
> :) It was a really interesting conversation;
> possibly now you all think
> I'm a doomsayer, but it's a really, really big worry
> for me, all the
> things I talked about last night. I don't want to
> see our community
> legislated out of existence...

Last night was cool, lots of interesting heated
discussion. Like I said last night, I don't think the
DRM issue is something that will kill our community,
but I see it enough of a concern that we need to do
something about it, and lets actually *do* something
about it instead of talking about it. We need to get
up  of our arses and think of something, no matter how
small that we can do to contribute to the campaign and
spread awareness. As I said, we are all skilled in
different areas - coding, science, law, music,
security etc - we just need to think of *something*
using our own skills and interests that we can do to
apply these skills to the campaign. There is no point
just saying "I will do XYZ" if you have no interest in
the area that will benefit the campaign. Come on guys
and girls - chuck some ideas around on the list.

Sometimes we need to stand up and fight for what we
have, even if we only fight a tiny part of the battle.


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