[Wolves] smoothwall

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Aug 21 08:38:01 2003

fizzy spoo'd forth:
> Hi,
> I'm rather tempted to put smoothwall on the libretto.
> There's a really good howto online, and it doesn't
> seem that hard (famous last words!). The only question
> I have is will smootwall work with only one physical
> network card, or does it need two? Have googled but
> not found anything saying it will work...

Gotta have two, by definition. Your firewall is the thing between the
outside world (network 1) and your internal network (network 2); since
it has to be on two networks, it needs two network cards...
> Really enjoyed last nights meeting, thanks to all
> those who attended,

As did I. Sorry I had to get going early, although I did make it from
the Moon Under Water to my parents house near Cambridge in 90 minutes
:) It was a really interesting conversation; possibly now you all think
I'm a doomsayer, but it's a really, really big worry for me, all the
things I talked about last night. I don't want to see our community
legislated out of existence...


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