[Wolves] smoothwall

fizzy wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Aug 21 10:19:02 2003

> As did I. Sorry I had to get going early, although I
> did make it from
> the Moon Under Water to my parents house near
> Cambridge in 90 minutes
> :) It was a really interesting conversation;
> possibly now you all think
> I'm a doomsayer, but it's a really, really big worry
> for me, all the
> things I talked about last night. I don't want to
> see our community
> legislated out of existence...

The only thing that i thought of when driving home was
some kind of legal precedent? Don't know what form
this would take but if you could get one then that
could perhaps block a law? I know nothing about this
but that's all i could think of :)


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