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heh fizzy and it is an old knackered machine ...lol

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> I doubt it to be honest. 

> Before the glory that is
> smoothwall entered my life I used to run a box with
> a
> normal Linux firewall using ipchains (if I
> remember).
> I seem to remember upgrading to 2.4 and my PS2 would
> not go online with Tony Hawks 4. As you know, I am
> no
> networking guru, so I don't know specifics as to why
> this was happening.
I'm thinking i may need to downgrade to a 2.2 kernel,
hope that works ok :\

> Can't you get an old knackered machine and put
> smoothie on it?
The advantage of the libretto is it's tiny (small
room), and silent, i can't sleep too well with

>   Jono

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