[Wolves] Zaurus

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 22 06:33:19 2003

Adam Sweet spoo'd forth:
> They still appear to be for sale, both the 5500 and
> 5600 (pre-order) from the Sharp website and other
> places, but it seems daft to buy something that has
> been discontinued by it's manufacturer.

Why? I have no intention of chucking mine in the bin and buying an
overpriced underfeatured iPaq. :) I've never needed to talk to Sharp
about it or ring any support helplines; I'd say that our LUG is one of
the most concentrated Zaurus user groups in the country, and Dan's a
l33t expert on stuff like OpenZaurus...we've got, what, four Zauri?
Jono, me, Simon G, Dan? That's *loads*.


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