[Wolves] smoothwall

Old Dan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 22 16:40:01 2003

> FWIW in the Smoothwall 2.0 betas, IME the port forwarding appears to be 
> broken.  Or maybe it's just me being thick... (not suprising... :) )

Smoothwall being broken score: 1  (St00pid thing is sensitive to the 
order in which you do things - set up the forward then set up the 
external service (natural, at least to me, since that's the order of the 
tabs on the web page) and it doesn't work.  Do it the other way around, 
however, and it works a treat.)

Me being thick score: 5  (See above)

::slaps forehead::

(Or should I have signed that 'Damn')