[Wolves] DRM Issue

Lee Jordan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 22 22:38:00 2003

I just found an interesting read on the LiveJournal Antiwar community and
thought it was relevant to the DRM debate we were having .......

In a nutshell the peice highlights how much information the US authorites
are demanding of other countries about air travelers bound for the US, it
then goes into a proposal for the Total Information Awareness system where
the the US government want on average 40 pages of information about every
single person on the planet's 6 billion people. Nearing the 20th Aniversary
of Orwell's 1984 year and as sated by the poster, it's one step beyond big

It might not tie in with Digital Rights Managment in hardware form or
Paldium etc, but it shows the direction of the future.
I was thinking that I have some final year project PHP code knocking about
if we wanted to set up a website (http://www.duracell.34sp.com/news/) to
note down url's and highlight articles etc. It's basic and it's not as
complex or as flexible as post-nuke though but at least it would be a
contribution. What do you think?