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Adam Sweet wolves at
Thu Aug 28 20:25:01 2003


Mines a P133, 32MB RAM, 500MB HD and copes fine.
Generic network cards will probably get picked up by
the realtek or NE2000 driver. I had to try a few but
only as I wasn't sure if they worked or not. I had
problems using 2 3Com 509Cs (old 10 MBit ISA thingys),
so maybe 2 cards of the same type have trouble, but
they should work.

You set up your network details in the install
(including DHCP) and then it all just works. You can
use as the smoothwall green interface and
then to as the available
DHCP addresses as an example.

With a second card you can set up a DMZ with as the interface address. You will have to
specify the addresses for your servers as you can't
use DHCP on these, well port forwarding would be
screwed then wouldn't it?

For server access, set up port forwarding using the
web interface of the Smoothwall from port x on
Smoothwall to port y on the server and then allow
external access to the smoothwall port. It's all point
and click. The docs on the Smoothwall site are very
good to advise you on this but you should be able to
guess it yourself.

Assume you will be using cable so thats another
network card as your red interface. Never done this, I
use USB ADSL. Ron, Aq, Dan or Jono will help you here.

As for external FTP access, dunno, only ever done
internal FTP. This the problem with software firewalls
as they spawn random high number ports for the
connection? Would like to know the solution to this

Another nifty trick is that Smoothwall has a built in
dynamic dns service client so your Dyndns (or other
service provider) address remains pointed at the right
machine :)

Later Brother Jordan.




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