[Wolves] Dual-green Smoothwall

Ron Wellsted wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Aug 28 20:36:01 2003

On Thursday 28 August 2003 7:54 pm, Lee Jordan wrote:
> I shall have to get clued up on smoothwall as we are having broadband
> fitted in a couple of weeks.
> I have a P233/64MB and 2 GB space, this should do the trick for smoothie
> shouldn't it? I doubt my other drive a 500MB affair could cope, I also have
> a couple of plug and play, evil network cards, but I'm hoping that
> smoothwall will pick these up in the intstall? Once a hub is plugged in how
> easy is it to set up routing and all that kind of jazz without port
> forwarding or advanced stuff to begin with? and how would I allow traffic
> through ports like for FTP clients (not ftp servers though)
> So many questions ...........
> How many Mac Addresses are you allowed with Telewest? was it 5?

Trting to answer your questions in order:

1/ Smoothie should work fine on this hardware (even with the 500MB disk!).

2/ What make are the network cards ? some plugNpray cards can be switched to 
fixed config with a dos based setup utility eg 3Com.

3/ You can setup the smoothie as a DHCP server for your network and it will 
then confgiure the workstations automagically to use it as the router to the 

4/ smoothie by default allows any traffic out to the internet so you should 
not need anything changing unless you want to configure a server on your 
private network to be accessible from the internet (I only port forward 
TCP/22 unless I am on holiday then I add TCP/80)

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