[Wolves] PDAs - a vague question

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Aug 30 00:23:03 2003

trog spoo'd forth:
>> Last thing I knew the SL-5500 was going for about ?180 or so.  Whether
>> you can get one now or not, though, is debatable since Sharp has stopped
>> making the 5500.
> I was given an SL-5500 some months ago (yes I know I'm a very lucky
> chap!)  It came with a wireless LAN card which I haven't done anything
> with; I have no radio on my box.  Am I correct in thinking that this is the
> technology that I need to use it in a Starbucks (or similar) hotspot? 
> If so, it looks like I've got some more research to do!

Certainly is. It's also the technology you'd use for sitting outside
someone else's company and poking around their unsecured wireless
network, but I never said that. :)

More to the point, it's something that you could use at home; just
throw a wireless card into a machine on your network and then your Z is
online anywhere in the house...


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