[Wolves] PDAs - a vague question

Wayne Morris wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Aug 30 01:30:59 2003

On Fri, 2003-08-29 at 23:04, Aquarius wrote:
> trog spoo'd forth:

> Certainly is. It's also the technology you'd use for sitting outside
> someone else's company and poking around their unsecured wireless
> network, but I never said that. :)
Can I just be Devil's advocate and say - didn't someone get fried on
this list for 'brown-boxing' - is this just not the up-to-date version?

On a more seriuos point, if you run a wireless lan and fail to secure it
properly- and then a 'wireless hacker' uses the access for criminal
purposes - d/l childporn, plotting terrorism,choose your fav internet
crime. .... how good will your defense be when they kick down your door?