Wireless security (was Re: [Wolves] PDAs - a vague question)

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Aug 30 11:58:01 2003

Heya 'me old peeps,

> Can I just be Devil's advocate and say - didn't
> someone get fried on
> this list for 'brown-boxing' - is this just not the
> up-to-date version?
> ;-)

I think that was beige boxing, which is infinitly more
silly. In fact, it requires physically breaking into
one of the BT control boxes and leeching off the
connection (as far as a I know, that is).

> On a more seriuos point, if you run a wireless lan
> and fail to secure it
> properly- and then a 'wireless hacker' uses the
> access for criminal
> purposes - d/l childporn, plotting terrorism,choose
> your fav internet
> crime. .... how good will your defense be when they
> kick down your door?
> Discuss?

This is a good point. I went out recently with my Mac
detecting wireless LANs in my area, and there were a
fair few with no WEP enabled. The point is - can I
connect legally? I did'nt because I don't know enough
about it.

Incidentally, next on my shopping list is a GPS
reciever, because you can then go our wardriving and
it will plot the location and size of the WLAN on a
map. If you drive down every road in Wolves, your WLAN
map is complete. There is also a WLAN inthe center of
wolves with no WEP - but I am not suggesting you


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