[Wolves] 54G wireless networking & linux

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Aug 31 13:47:04 2003

--- Rob Smith <robertlists@rob-smith.org.uk> wrote:
> can anyone suggest a linux compatible 54g card for
> pcmcia/cardbus??

Well, I got the Belkin 54g access point, but I got the
11MB pcmcia card - this was due to the fact that I
knew a driver was available at the time. This may have
obviously changed, and there may be a driver available
- the driver the 11MB card may work also. I just kept
the box to the card, so when the driver is available I
can flog my current card on ebay and get it.

To be honest though, I find 11MBsec fast enough for my
purposes. I got the 54g access point as it was the
same price.

Matt Warwick may be able to help with this discussion
also as I think he has the Belkin 54g access point.


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