[Wolves] XDMCP bandwidth

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Thu Dec 4 10:40:56 GMT 2003

Does anyone know how much bandwidth XDMCP actually uses?

I'm asking because the last LUG reminded me of it - I looked into it
ages ago but decided against it because at that time the server was also
the firewall and I was concerned that any little security error on my
part could make things go belly-up, but we now have a seperate firewall box.

What I'm thinking is I could use XDMCP+cygwin not only to give myself
some relief from the fact that my work box is a windows box but also to
give people here a nice intro to the linux desktop, without them having
to dual-boot or whatever.

Also, if the bandwidth usage isn't that great, is it possible to
actually secure it?  What I've read so far it hasn't been promising, but
if I could offer this up to the 'net it'd be a piece of piss to sell the
idea here.


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