[Wolves] next meeting

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Fri Dec 5 13:52:08 GMT 2003

Jono Bacon spoo'd forth:
> Bastards,
>> I'm afraid that that's what happens when you like
>> KDE; a five-line
>> script needs 40MB of supporting libraries.
> Oi! Is it national pick on lugmaster week?

Not *every* lugmaster, just ours. ;)
>> Just like Visual Basic, in fact...
> There is no need to be offensive. ;)

Well, tbh, the main complaint levelled at VB is that it's huge and
bloated, which applies more to sparkes and me than it does you, skinny
boy ;)


from string import *;import re,base64;w=base64.decodestring('YXF1YXJp'+
'dXNAa3J5b2dlbml4Lm9yZw==');u='['+lowercase+']';print re.sub(u,'-',w)
while filter(lambda x: x in u,w): s=raw_input('Letter:');u=filter\
(lambda x: x != s,u);print re.sub(u,'-',w)

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