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Sun Dec 14 10:06:47 GMT 2003

On Sunday 14 December 2003  3:43 am, you wrote:

> I think the choice of language is largely dependent on
> what you want to do and how much you know. 

Or how stuck in your ways you are.  I do all my development
in bourne shell scripts and/or awk if possible, both pretty well guarenteed
to be 100% portable across all Unixes.  For instance, the catalog for my 
record and cd collection is basically a computerised index card system, fully 
menu driven, (with self populating menus, cross reference files, etc), all 
done in a 28K script.  It's a green screen application, and it is absolutely 
perfect for what I do with it.  I originally developed it on AIX and it's 
been on HP/UX and now RH7.1 all running fine.   I've always been
going to rewrite in in C or perhaps perl, but I never find the time.

Don't dismiss the humble shell :-)

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