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Sun Dec 14 23:01:12 GMT 2003

I can't believe that there aren't more people jumping on
this (Aq - your time to evangelise to a newbie and you
turned it down, about *python* of all things).

Your first language should be:

1) Functional

Without this you get bored and go back to masturbating
furiously about your primary school teacher (I would have
anyway). This means high level languages only.

2) Quick to learn

C/C++ take frikin' ages to learn if you've never coded
before, and everything you write for the next 4 years (if
you're lucky) I (or other dodgy geezers about) will be able
to use to take over your machine. Which brings me onto my
next point:

3) Easy to keep bug-free.

Bugs and C/C++ go together like bonnie and clyde, like butch
casady and the sundance kid. Coding in C/C++ is the digital
equivalent of flying a jet fighter with no intruments and no
onboard computer. High level languages sort all the
crazyness out for you and basically fly the plane - you just
sit there and dictate where it needs to go.

4) Demonstrate (and indeed enforce) good programming style,
structure, layout and techniques.

C/C++ do none of that, neither does perl, but python does it

5) Help you to understand other languages too.

C/C++ are the ultimate in this, since nearly all other
language compilers/interpreters/editors etc are written in
them. Perl is completely toss at this. I know some perl
programmers who took about 3 times longer than they would
otherwise to learn C. Perl is a "natural" language and is
something to be learned (in my esteemed opinion) *after* you
understand coding in more formal languages.

6) Allow cross platform use.

Python code is truly cross-platform.

Python is the best language to learn to code in first. It is
a fast developing, clear, ninja language, that will glue
everything you do after learning it together; both in your
head and sometimes in the code. It is an awesome tool to be
able to pull out of your hat.

All the tutorials you need are online, and there are at
least 4 python programmers on this list if you are truly

Cry 'Socket(),' and let slip the packets of war;

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